Artist Statement

Throughout my entire life I have always had a deep passion and connection to music, whether I am sitting behind a mix console or behind an acoustic guitar crafting my own song. I strive to excel on both sides of the glass. Music is all that I do because it is really the best way I have to express myself. I make music to make a connection with another human, whether it’s with an original song or an original mix. Music is what keeps my life at a balance. Whenever I am having a bad day I know I can always reach for my bass and I instantly start feeling better. It’s basically all that I do. There’s something about artistically blending each aspect of a song together in a perfectly crafted mix that I absolutely love.

From writing my own music to recording full albums, my goal is to always be advancing my art. My greatest goal in mixing or writing is to create something that is completely original and innovative. And so, I look up to all the people in the world that have strayed away from the norm and created their own thing. From Jaco Pastorius, who decided that the bass player didn’t always need to stand in the back, to Picasso, who similarly took his own approach in his paintings, which ultimately revolutionized that art form completely. My goal is to revolutionize the music industry, make a difference and leave my mark.